Stand-Up Reporting with Mark Bruce (The Recap)

For those of you who missed our meeting about how to make a great stand-up. We skyped with WHIO Channel 7 reporter and OU alumni, Mark Bruce, who had many helpful tips on how to keep your viewers interested throughout a news package.

“It’s all about movement and flow,” said Bruce. “If you are doing a bridge stand-up, try to make it make sense. It should bridge from one part of the story to the other.”

Most of the interest from the audience focussed on how to make a creative stand-up when working as a one man band.

“You have to think differently when you are a one man band. Where can you put the camera to make yourself look good?” said Bruce.

During the meeting, Bruce answered questions from the audience and showed examples of the best stand-ups in the business. 

Members learned the importance of stand-ups in the broadcast business. Being creative and using your personality will get you far! Mark Bruce also mentioned that now is the time to practice and find what works for you in your stand-ups. Whether it is the writing or your on camera personality, practice will make you a confident stand-up reporter.

“Have fun with stand-ups. Try different things. They may not work but that is ok!” said Bruce.


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