Recap: Jack Brady “The Art of The Interview”

Hello RTDNA’ers,

In one of our best turnouts of year, last week Jack Brady, writer, editor, author and biographer joined RTDNA on Skype to discuss “The Art of The Interview.”  Don’t worry, if you were not able to attend, here’s a healthy recap and Sparknote version of what was discussed and highlighted by Brady.

  • Interviewing is a Craft rather than an Art – it’s not a habit you can’t learn or expertise over time
  • Journalism is at a point of convergence where all skills are now necessary to know
  • It can never hurt to bring two recorders to an interview (never know when your batteries might die)
  • Get background information on your subject.  Brady noticed Jerry Springer’s New York Yankee memorabilia in his office and ran with that as a topic he was sure Springer would be comfortable talking about to break the ice
  • Make sure you take charge of the interview – don’t wait and sit around, make it happen!
  • Get anedotes from the person your interviewing.  Nothing is more appealing to a reader than an interesting story.  It can even help you understand the topic better!
  • Before going into the interview ask what you want out of it: 1) Information or 2) Insight
  • Don’t overreact to a surprising response. Let them finish telling the story.  Make sure to hide your emotions and expressions to not alarm the person your interviewing or make them regret what they said.
  • Stay on good terms with PR.  Even if a person cancels, keeping a good relationship with the people in charge of organizing your interview because they can only be beneficial in the end.
  • There are 4 major question zones a journalist must always be cautious about when asking a question: 1) Money 2) Politics 3) Sex 4) Family/Relative

We hope those that came out enjoyed the meeting and as always be sure to stop by next week as we will be discussing Stand-Ups with Mark Bruce from WHIO-TV in Dayton will over Skype.  It all begins Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 7:00 p.m. back in our usual spot, RTV 371.

And be sure to join us Friday (Feb. 10) outside RTV at 11:00 a.m. as we will let YOU write and shoot your own stand-up! We’ll record, edit your best take, and hand you a DVD with your stand-up so you can use it for your applications.

See you there!



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