Freshmen Liaison Position Available!!!

Hello fellow RTDNA members and welcome back for round two. We hope that everyone had an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving/Christmas break.

As most of you should know, tonight is our first meeting of the year. As always, the meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. in RTV 371. This weeks meeting will be all about deadline reporting. We will Skype with Dayton’s WHIO reporter Jill Del Greco.

Also, we would like to remind all freshmen that we will be accepting applications for the Freshman Liaison position this week. The Freshman Liaison will join the RTDNA executive board. Aside from hanging out with us at our membership meetings every Wednesday and our executive meetings every Thursday, he/she will make key decisions about the future of the chapter and will help plan meetings and quarterly events.  We encourage all freshmen to apply for the job.

Applications are due on January 18, 2012. If you would like to pick up an application, you can e-mail us at or come to our next meeting.


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