Homeless but Making Six-Figures

Yes, you read the headline correctly fellow RTDNA’ers.

In Williston, North Dakota (a.k.a. America’s newest oil boomtown), a local Walmart parking lot has become the home for thousands of job seekers looking to take advantage of the high paying jobs offered in the area. There’s only one problem: Finding a home.

I found this article to be quite appealing and definitely worthy of sharing on our blog. Comment below or answers the questions I pose at the end and let me know your thoughts on the situation.

This article takes a look into the lives of families and/or individ
uals ranging of all ages and how they have adjusted their lifestyles to what is available.

For the thousands of people swarming to Williston, only about one-third have been able to find a place to live:

“Newer arrivals who can’t find vacant hotel rooms or apartments sleep in their cars or in sleeping bags on spare patches of grass along the highway. The luckier ones nab a spot in one of the dozens of dorm-like facilities, known as “man camps,” that the oil companies have built to house their workers.

The living conditions are far from ideal, but to some of these workers the lure of doubling or tripling their salaries far outweighs the physical and mental toll it can take

‘Some people look at us like we’re homeless,’ he said. ‘But anyone who needs to find us can find us — we have a street address: it’s 4001 2nd Ave., Walmart.”‘

I found the article’s style and organization to help guide the reader through the article. Instead of it being one long article, it is split up by small headlines in-between that give the reader an idea of what the following paragraphs will be discussing. As well, I believe the video accompanied with the story is effective in giving the reader an idea of how this isn’t just one demographic traveling for jobs but people of all ages.

In my opinion this article is newsworthy due to it unusualness and timing because of the few lack of job stories we hear today compared to just a few years ago. Although it is written in a larger audience rather than a specific niche, Also, I feel it does a great job of giving the audience an idea of what these workers and families lives are like since deciding to move.

Do you believe this is newsworthy in today’s economy? Do you feel it being a multimedia package rather than only an article adds to the story or hinders it? Would you take the risk if it doubled your paycheck?

If your still interested in the topic, this article, posted only a day before covers the same issue with different sources and analyses.


-Alex Felser


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