Resume Tips

Oh the dreaded word… resume. All of us need one, but for some reason the specifics of what the perfect resume is get lost in pandora’s box. We know that everyone is gearing up for internships or graduation so here are a few helpful tips when you have to suddenly describe all of your experience on a piece of paper.

Tip number one: Sell yourself. Make sure you put the most important information first. Don’t put that you used to mow lawns in your neighborhood before your experience at a local station or newspaper. Just like in the lead of a story or the first part of a news package, try to grab your audience’s attention with how awesome you are.

Tip number two: Pretty isn’t always perfect. Unlike Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde”, not everyone appreciates a scented resume on pink paper. When it comes to templates, colors and font, simple is always better. Your resume should be clean and easy to read. Many websites offer free templates for resumes. Be careful when looking at these templates because if they are free there is a good chance other people have used them and you do not want your resume looking just like all the other applicants’.

Tip number three: Don’t forget the basics. Make sure that the very first thing your prospective employer sees are your name and contact information.

Tip number four: Constantly revise. Remember that mowing job that you used to have in high school? Well if that was four years ago and you have added to your experience you should probably not mention it. Keeping information that is no longer relevant to what you want to be hired for will make your resume look cluttered. Every few months, make sure to go back through your resume and add or delete things that have happened to you.

Tip number five: Name drop. If you have worked with a person or company who has had a considerable amount of influence in your chosen field make sure to mention them. Your good relationship with he or she will make you look great to a future employer.

Tip number six: Give details. If you have a lot of experience in the broadcast world describe it. If, for example, you were the president of a university broadcast organization, give a brief description of what your responsibilities included. Also, if you have experience with software mention which ones.

Tip numer seven: Tell the truth. This seems like a no brainer but try not to beef your resume up by lying. It will become clear if you are hired if you do not have the experience you claimed to have.

Tip number eight: Proof read, proof read, proof read! Try your best to have an error-free resume. Not only do spelling errors make it look like you can’t spell, but they also make you look like you did not take as much time as needed to create a good resume.

Tip number nine: Get a thumbs up. Being in college gives you a unique opportunity to create relationships with professors who are or have been professionals in your chosen field. Take advantage of them! That is why they are here. If you are not sure about how your resume looks have a professor look over it and give you feedback.

Tip number ten: Finally, your resume should give employers a clear view of where you want to go in life. This goes back to how all of your information should be relevant. If you have information about all of your summer jobs mixed in with your broadcast experience it can make your intentions sound unclear.

Hopefully you can get some help from these tips. It’s tough out there so making yourself stand out from the crowd will help you get that internship or your dream job!


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