Internship Board Meeting

This Wednesday’s OURTDNA meeting at 7:00 will be all about internships.  There will be a panel of four students who have had really successful internships. The names and bios of these people are listed below.

Ugonna Okpalaoka

Ugonna Okpalaoka is a senior broadcast journalism major and sociology minor from Columbus, OH. In her four years at Ohio University, she’s been involved with The Essay magazine, WOUB, and AVW Productions. Ugonna was a multimedia intern with OU’s Communication and Marketing department last year. She also interned with CNN and Headline News this past summer in Atlanta. She plans to travel to New York next quarter to intern with NBC’s Today Show as well.

Michael Locklear

Michael Locklear is a producer/reporter for WOUB News. He’s currently producing “Newswatch In-Depth: Yes or No for SB 5?” That’s a one-hour call-in TV program on the contentious Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2. He interned for WCPO, the ABC affiliate and Scripps station in Cincinnati, during winter break last year. There, he designed graphics and wrote VOSOTs, stories, and teases. He also interned for WCET/ ThinkTV, the PBS affiliate in Cincinnati/Dayton, over the summer. He mainly logged tape but did go on a few shoots. He also floor directed live-to-tape pledge break-ins and ran prompter for little kids reading stories they had written.

Sandhya Kambhampati

Sandhya Kambhamati is a sophomore from Colonia, New Jersey. Along with being a member of the executive board for RTDNA, she is also on the board for SPJ. She has already had many successful internships. Some of which were with Teen Kids News, Alan Weiss Productions, and Ohio University Communication and Marketing. Sandhya currently works for News Watch in the editing field.

Taylor Mirfendereski

Taylor Mirfendereski is a senior from Powell, Ohio. Along with being the president of RTDNA, she is also the president of SPJ. Taylor has had many successful internships. She has worked with CNN, WCMH out of Columbus, the Today Show, and NBC Nightly News. Taylor has also worked her way up the latter at WOUB and is now an anchor for News Watch.


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