Anchor Workshop Recap

Last Wednesday, RTDNA hosted our 2nd annual Anchor Workshop. We skyped with Jake Young, an Ohio University & RTDNA graduate, and he gave us some great insight as to what it takes to be an anchor and what his schedule consists of at a news network. He answered any questions we had for him and was extremely helpful. We were honored with a surprise visit from another OU/RTDNA alum, Kristi Ludlow. Kristi spoke with us about an average day as a reporter, ranging from a very busy day, to a very slow one. She taught us about enterprising your own stories, and the interview process when job searching. Jake and Kristi stressed the importance of being involved around campus and at the newsroom.

Following the skype session, everyone went upstairs where we set up the cameras and teleprompter and let everyone take turns reading a script from the Newswatch anchor desk. Pictures of all the groups are on the OURTDNA Facebook page! ( ) So much fun!

Taylor explains the script

Hope to see everyone for this week’s meeting, the Radio Workshop!


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