Join Us For Our Special Two-Hour Anchor Workshop

Hope everyone is having a spectacular week three and are ready for their weekly dose of RTDNA. Tomorrow night (September 21) we will be holding a special two-hour Anchor Workshop starting at 7:00 p.m. in RTV room 371. This is an excellent opportunity to not only hear from a professional broadcast journalist but to try out your own anchoring skills.

For the first hour of tomorrow’s meeting we will be skyping with Jake Young, an Ohio University and RTDNA alumni who now works as a sports anchor and reporter for Channel 12 in Augusta, GA. Jake will be offering advice about being on-air and communicating effectively with the public by sharing his experiences as an anchor.

Ohio University and RTDNA alumni, Jake Young

For the second hour of the meeting we will be giving you the chance to try out your own anchor skills in the WOUB studio in the building. You will get a chance to be in front of the camera, read from a teleprompter, and learn how to work the cameras. All major facets you will want to know going into the broadcast industry.

So make sure you come to tomorrow’s meeting because it is one of the most exciting workshops we host all year! And for all you freshman, this is something you don’t typically get to experience only your third week into school so be sure to take advantage of this special opportunity.



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