Election 2010

If you haven’t already noticed — this year’s election was a big one. Not only did the Republicans win majority power in the House, but many incumbent Governors were ejected in favor of new candidates of different parties. (Not to mention the countless ballot issues that passed and failed across the country).

I spent my election night at the WOUB Center for Public Media assistant producing the 11:00 pm election special. It was quite exciting, and nerve wracking at the same time. Since polls in Ohio don’t close until 7:30 — we have to sit around and wait for all the voting precincts within the state to count their votes before we can report official results. So come around 10:00 pm and results are in, we have to start working on our contingency plan. It all worked out in the end, and there were only a few races that had not been decided.

Overall this election really did prove to be as influential as everyone has predicted. 10 Governors positions transitioned from Democrat to Republican. This is extreme influential because in 2011 state governors will be responsible for redistricting their states, and that leaves the door open for gerrymandering to sway house seats until the next census in 2020. The amount of transition between party affiliation in the House of Representatives hasn’t been this substantial since 1948, Arizona ended affirmative action in the state, California voted NOT to legalize recreational marijuana use, and several states voted to amend the national health care legislation for their state.

It’s an exciting time for journalists. There are many controversial issues and hundreds of opinions out there that need to be recorded and shared, and it’s our responsibility to facilitate discussion and transmit information to those who want it. So, let’s do just that!!

Pat Henderson
Social Chair, OURTDNA


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