People make mistakes – Thats how we learn!

By Mike Holden, RTDNA Treasurer

I am currently in the 352 TV Broadcast course this quarter. I finally got to go shoot a story on my own. I worked on a story over the SafeZone program that the LGBT organization puts together every year. I attended a workshop a week ago and recorded b-roll on the workshop in action. Next, I interviewed a freshman about how this program has helped her as a bi-sexual female here at the University. In addition, the student discussed how she is one of many that students who are LGBT can go to for support. Later, I interviewed Mickey Hart, the director of the LGBT organization. He gave me an overview on what the SafeZone training is all about. Moreover, he discussed the programs goals, one being to make it known to LGBT students that there are safe areas and people for support.

This is a story that I was passionate about doing. Unfortunately, when I went to edit my video, the audio was fine, but my video had numerous glitches making it impossible to have an acceptable SOT and enough b-roll. After having a few colleagues look over the tape and camera, it turned out that the camera I was using had some technical issues. Of course, like any other person, I panicked! After talking with friends who have dealt with similar situations, it really made me think. College is a learning experience. Mishaps happen, but sometimes it can be for the better. We learn from our mistakes and learn to be more cautious and aware the second time around. I learned to be more cautious with the equipment my second time around. I ended up doing another story and even though it wasn’t the story I originally wanted, it gave me more hands on experience, which is what I need!


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