Meeting Recap: October 6, 2010

Hi all! If you missed last week’s meeting, read our recap below!

Dr. Hans Meyer, a journalism professor at Scripps, gave a presentation about new features and opportunities on the Internet that pertain to the broadcast journalists. You can view his Powerpoint presentation at:

We also took a group picture (below) for the J-school website.


Ohio University RTDNA Members (2010-2011)


Misc. Announcements:

1.) WOUB Alumni Week is here! On October 15, 2010 there are several opportunities for OU RTDNA members to get participate in the day’s events.

– At 1 p.m., there will be a round table in-depth show with a studio audience. WOUB would like our members to be included in the audience. If you choose to attend, you are requested to ask questions via Twitter and Facebook before and during the show. If you would like to attend, you must RSVP to Evan Millward.

– The WOUB alumni will produce NewsWatch, which begins at 6:30 p.m. WOUB has invited RTDNA members to observe the show from the gallery. If you would like to watch, RSVP to Taylor Mirfendereski (

2.) Remember that you must pay your dues to be a member of our organization! You can purchase a national membership for $65 or a local membership for $25 a year/ $10 a quarter. They must be paid to Mike Holden (RTDNA Treasurer) by Wednesday October 27.

3.) Please “like” us on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter ( to receive meeting updates and other important information.

4.) Would you like to contribute content to this blog? If so, send an e-mail to


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