Developing a Story

So right now I am in the process of doing a big story for newswatch in-depth. Newswatch in-depth is an hour-long special on certain topic pertinent to the viewers of WOUB.  I am working on a story about broadband in Appalachia. Broadband is bascially high speed internet and it is not readily available for many people living in Appalachia. It is hard to think that this is a problem because we are in our OU bubble; but believe it or not there are thousands of people who still use dial up. My package is going to focus on stimulus money coming to southeast Ohio to build a broadband backbone. Unfortunately, this is one of those stories that is moving slowly and I am having trouble making it come together. Don’t worry, I will get it done. As advice for those you who have yet to produce multiple pakcages, don’t panic when a story doesn’t mold together perfectly in a day. Keep calling and trying to make that story happen; it will eventually!

-Kristi Ludlow, PR Chair


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