Meeting Recap: September 22, 2010

Thank you to everyone who attended our second RTDNA meeting of the year. We hope you enjoyed our chat with Dr. Kevin Grieves. It was also wonderful getting to know you over  pizza at Courtside!  If you were unable to attend this evening or would like a review of what we discussed, read the recap below.

Important Announcements:

  • Membership dues should be paid to the treasurer by October 27, 2010. Choose between a national membership at $65 a year or local membership at $25 a year (or $10 a quarter).
  • Dr. Bob Stewart has requested that all student journalism organizations send him a group picture to be added to the top of the j-school website. We will tentatively take this photo at next week’s meeting. Dress accordingly. 🙂
  • If you haven’t already, please “like” OU RTDNA on Facebook. Click the previous link or visit After doing this, you will receive updates from us about meetings and other relevant information.
  • Next week we’re having a social! We’re going to watch Broadcast News at the home of Kristi Ludlow (RTDNA PR Chair) and Sarah Holt (RTDNA Secretary). Meet us at 7:30 at RTV 371 and we’ll walk to their home as a group. If you’re going to be late and would like to know the address, send an e-mail to We will have snacks!

After the announcements, we introduced one of Scripps’ broadcast journalism professors, Dr. Kevin Grieves. Dr. Grieves spoke about his first experiences in the journalism business, the focus of his current research, and shared advice with students about securing internships and getting involved with broadcast early in their college careers. We then walked to Courtside Pizza for 50 cent slice night.

See you next week!


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